Do I have to be a registered yoga teacher to get yoga wheel certified?

We recommend that you are a registered and certified yoga teacher, but we do not require it. The certification courses were built to add to your previous training in yoga or pilates, whatever level you feel you are at. Every pose video includes at least one modification to help you. These modifications are also great for teaching with the wheel.

When do I get my free yoga wheel?

Once you sign up for a course that includes a free wheel, you just simply select the color and size and we'll have it on your doorstep before you can Downward Dog. You should receive the wheel within 3-5 days and we make sure you have free shipping.

How do I use my Plexus Co. Cash?

Just jump on our website,, and order as your heart desires! Your Plexus Co. Cash never expires and we're always working on new goodies for you. Watch out for apparel, mats, and other accessories coming out soon. Trust us, you'll like em!

How Long does the Certification Take?

Each Certification is designed to take between 5-30 hours. Just check out the individual courses for more information.

What Size of Wheel Should I Get?

Check out our Wheel Size Guide in the footer to find the perfect wheel. Here's a little info on the two sizes that come with a certification course:

The Small Wheel (10") is recommended for those shorter in stature (5'3" and down). We also find the smaller wheel to be perfect for those who are a little less flexible in their backs and working on their wheel pose.

The Standard Wheel (12") is our most popular. We recommend this wheel to those who are 5'4" to 6' in stature and have an intermediate range in flexibility.

How will I Get My Certificate of Completion?

Once you complete a certification course, we will send you a printable Certificate of Completion with your name on it and everything!

Can I do the Certification Course on other devices other than a Computer?

Yes! The courses are setup to be phone and tablet friendly.

Can I cancel a Plexus Membership at any time?

Yes, we would love to see you stay, but if you need to cancel, the process is easy and seamless

How do I sign up more than 7 instructors?

Just send us an email at and we'll make sure to get you more information.